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Smart Defence is a part of Smart Data Technologies Limited which was established in 2008. It is now a leading IT distributor in Bangladesh having office in Singapore, Sri-Lanka and UAE. Smart Defence’s system solutions use cost-efficient and advanced technology components to provide quality customized systems integration services.

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Our Goals & Vision

The company’s major focus is designing, installing, testing, operating and maintaining integrated system solutions for a wide variety of environments, including government and educational institutions, healthcare organizations and corporate clients such as hotels, retailers, and organizations in various sectors. With a unique combination of technical knowledge and innovation, Smart Defence has experienced considerable growth since its inception in 2008.

Our Specialties

Our philosophy is to select the right equipment and products for the system solutions that we provide, offering the most value for the client’s investment. Our partners are carefully selected amongst the most reliable technology brands in the world. Over the years we have created a long-term partner network with the world leading technology brands and manufacturers in the industry ensuring that our customers always receive the best products and expertise from Smart Defence.


We have the experience to ensure you purchase the correct product for your requirements.


Through our wide supplier network we are able to offer an unbiased opinion of which products are the best fit for our client’s application.


Not only do we offer products that have warranties that are appropriate to their application and usage, we also offer full technical support to all our customers.


We design and provide solutions containing equipment components which are fully integrated and create a stable and viable system.


We build systems with products that promote ease-of-use, long term cost effectiveness and upgradability.


As the leading supplier of low current system integration equipment in Bangladesh we have the purchasing power to offer our customers.

A Defensive Revolution

We decided to come with state of the art Security Packages from all around the world

We provide high quality, credible award winning products for our customers to have their business secured and long lasting.

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