Smart Defence introduced audiovisual systems technology solutions for design and installation in the State of Bangladesh in 2021.

Audio Systems

Smart Defence’s team of experts will work with you in assessing your business’s requirements to find the best possible sound system solution for your project. From paging and background music systems to sound systems for auditoriums, we have it all covered.

Background Music Systems

Enhance the atmosphere of your retail outlet, office or premises with pleasant background music. Imagine having the possibility to broadcast the same source simultaneously to multiple remote areas while being able to control it all from a single control panel, PC, smartphone or a tablet.

Video Wall

A video wall consists of several video screens, such as plasma panels, CRT monitors, or LCDs, that are placed on top of each other and/or side by side. Each of the screens in the array is configured to only play content of the video frame which corresponds to its position within the array of screens. Video wall setups can play any combination of video in high resolution.
Ideal for simulation, control rooms, collaboration in academic settings, point of purchase displays and for bringing brand’s proposition to life in various retail stores/outlets.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a form of an electronic display such as LED, LCD and/or plasma screen which can be arranged as a single display or an array of digital screens used to play information, television programming, menus, advertising and promotion of products and services. Today, digital signs can be oftentimes found in public environments such as shopping malls, retail outlets, hotels, schools, corporate environments, and in outdoor public areas (outdoor/weatherproof signage) installed in parks and plazas. Digital signage delivers graphics and video content to the targeted audience with the option to quickly change and update the content through software programs. Digital signage is cost and time efficient offering versatility to add interactive features with built-in touchscreens.

Home Theatre

Enjoy a superior visual experience. We offer and custom designs the newest and cutting-edge technology home theatre solutions which best fit your needs. From large display screens and televisions with surround sound systems, DVD and Blu-ray players/recorders to the ultra-modern 6D viewing experience.

Interactive Video

Enables business users to create, manage and deploy compelling, interactive presentations to an unlimited number of participants.

Multiroom Systems

A multi-room audio system gives you the power to distribute music and TV/video channels to any room/area of the building with the touch of a wall-mounted keypad. No wires, no obtrusive loudspeakers, since the system is designed for use with in-ceiling or flush-mounting in-wall.

Video System

Smart Defence provides professional video system solutions for various types of environments in private and public sectors. Designing, supplying and installing projection systems, interactive video, digital signage, video walls, scoreboards and video conferencing.

Video Conferencing System

The ability to communicate and share information in real time over any device and across any network is a distinct competitive advantage. Conference room, desktop and mobile platforms can be integrated in a voice and video conferencing system enabling your organization to enhance collaboration and reduce costs.