Smart Defence Control Systems provide environmentally friendly solutions for operating buildings effectively and efficiently. Improving the quality of life and safety beyond corporate boardrooms, retail outlets and homes.

AV Control System

Smart Defence assists you in defining, installing and maintaining the most convenient A/V control system solutions, depending on the number and type of users, frequency of usage and audio visual requirements. Integrating the technologies applied in your boardroom, classroom, theatre or the entire facility.

Building Management Systems

Smart Defence designs and provides the most advanced green technology solutions to monitor and manage all equipment components installed on your premises, including heating, ventilation, cooling, security, and lighting. With local or remote control that is scalable, cost efficient and environmentally friendly.

Home Automation Systems

Smart Defence offers various system solution possibilities with integrated technology systems on a single user- friendly interface. Based on international software standards and the large number of available interfaces, it enables the integration of virtually any device and technology component into a single automated control panel, integrating air conditioning, heating, ventilation, lighting, security systems, audio and entertainment into one.